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Wholesale Welding Hood & Cap

Why do welders need a welding hood? Welding is a dangerous profession and can be challenging to learn without proper training. At the same time, better welding protection lead to efficient workers and better-quality products

Many welders often wear a welding hood to shield their eyes from the light and the heat generated during welding. And the wholesale welding hood is so prominent in the trade. In addition, to complete facial coverage to protect against heat and sparks, the wholesale welding hood is very crucial to safe work.

Welding caps have excellent insulation, providing excellent protection for the welder's head, neck, and ears from surrounding flying welding sparks. And the wholesale welding hood from GET STAR WELD comes with various specifications that can fit many different needs.

Our welding safety hood is made of durable, heat and abrasion-resistant leather, which is ideal for welding, splatter, heating, and other safe workplaces. The full-coverage leather hood with extra neck shoulder drape for added heat-proof and flame retardant. While the wholesale welding hood made from cowhide provides extra cushioning, is flame-retardant, and is easy to put on or take off.

GET STAR WELD offers a wide range of welding-protecting equipment to fit your various needs. Our high-quality China welding hood and wholesale welding hood come with an affordable welding hood price! Please feel free to contact us for more info!