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Welding-connect the world and build a better life

over 30 years, GET STAR WELD devoted to build a better life by developing welding/cutting products and solutions to keep you moving forward.

Our vision

The Global One-stop Welding and Cutting Service Provider

specialized in researching and producing welding/cutting torches , equipment and accessories (ARC, TIG , MIG and Plasma ).

Updating innovation on products. Thoughtful design and engineering lie behind our record of consistently successful product innovation.This process does not stop once a product is launched ,we continually work to improve our existing products based on technological advances and customer feedback

Since 1987, Get Star Weld is the Global One-Stop Welding and Cutting Service Provider. Supply completed range of welding/cutting products including torches、equipment and consumables(ARC, TIG , MIG and Plasma ), gas regulator, helmet and glove, cable coupling device, welding wire ,tungsten electrode , more than 5000 choices .

WELDING-CONNECT THE WORLD AND BUILD A BETTER LIFE is GET STAR WELD’S MISSION. We has cooperated with more than 90 countries and regions