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Welding Protection

The welding protection collection is well made, offering all you need for essential welding protection. For example, China welding masks and China auto-darkening welding helmets have independent controls for shade, sensitivity/grind mode, and light-speed regulator, which can automatically change the screen within 0.1ms switching time, effectively protecting welders' eyes. And the lightweight, balanced design with a fully adjustable headband provides comfort and reduces fatigue.

It's really important to protect your eyes from welding light by wearing a welding helmet equipped with filter shields appropriate for all types of welding. And welding safety glasses or goggles with side shields is very vital for observation or a few quick tack welds. And our China welding hand gloves are applied with flame-resistant cotton to give complete high-temperature protection. Valued split cowhide leather mechanic gloves with unlined design to keep fingers flexible.

In addition to the welding helmet, safety glasses, and hand gloves mentioned above, we also offer a full series of welding safety garments - the welding cap, safety apron, and welding hood at great prices! All safety equipment is designed to withstand the dangerous glare, sparks, spatter, and heat generated during the welding process to prevent injury to workers and avoid damage to equipment to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the welding task.