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TIG Torch & Wear Parts

TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas, and TIG welding is suitable for both manual and mechanized welding and for using welding robots. The most critical applications for TIG welding are pipe and tube welding. In addition, it can also be found in many industries such as aerospace and sheet metal industries, when welding particularly thin materials and special materials such as titanium.

We are a leading TIG torch manufacturer and supplier in China, offering a wide range of TIG torches and custom TIG torch handles in different types and specifications. You are sure to find the most suitable one to fit your needs!

* 200 amp TIG torch, 300 amp air cooled TIG torch, 150 amp TIG torch, 250 amp air cooled TIG torch, 250 amp TIG torch, custom TIG torch handle, etc.
* 9F TIG torch, WP9 TIG torch, thermal arc 95s TIG torch, WP 18 TIG torch, WP 25 TIG torch,  26 TIG torch, 17v TIG torch, 18 series TIG torch, etc. 
* micro TIG torch, best flex head TIG torch, thumb control TIG torch, micro TIG welding torch, superflex TIG torch, TIG torch with amp control, weld tech TIG torch, etc.

Custom TIG torch handle - The custom TIG torch handle is molded in one piece with a burr-free surface and is ergonomically designed for long-term welding without fatigue. TIG torch with custom TIG torch handle is easy to use - one hand can control the switch smoothly.

Besides, we also offer various TIG torch assembly, such as TIG torch holder, custom TIG torch handle, TIG torch handle, custom TIG torch holder, TIG torch cable cover, TIG torch hand switch, TIG torch switch wiring, 17 TIG torch gas lens kit, TIG torch cover, TIG torch hose cover, WP 17 TIG torch consumables, etc.