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Welding Electrode Holder Manufacturers

According to the specialized welding holder manufacturers, the welding holder connects to the welding cable and connects the welding current to the electrode. The insulated handle is used to guide the electrode over the weld joint, feed the electrode over the weld joint, and feed the electrode into the weld puddle as it is consumed.

As we all know, the main use of electrodes is to generate electrical current and pass it through non-metal objects, and they are also used to measure conductivity. While the electrode holder is an insulated handle that clamps onto the electrode, allowing the welder to control the arc during the welding process

Finding the best China electrode holder from reliable welding holder manufacturers is very important. The electrode welding holder can help to connect the welding cable and conducts the welding current to the electrode, delivering excellent current transfer between electrode and holder. 

GET STAR WELD is one of the professional welding electrode holder manufacturers & suppliers in China. Our electrode holders are made of high-quality materials and feature high conductivity and improved cable connections. The cable connection collars ensure effective connections and minimize cable strand breakage at the connections.

Among many welding holder manufacturers worldwide, you can find the most suitable electrode holder at the best electrode holder price here! Lightweight and easy to operate with a newly designed lever for good hand clearance and better hold. And the powerful spring-loaded non-slip insulated clamping jaws hold the electrode tight so it will not slip while welding.