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MIG Torch & Wear Parts

MIG refers to Metal Inert Gas, an arc welding process applied with a hand-held or robotic welding torch. In this process, a continuous wire electrode is fed through the torch and into the weld pool to join two base materials. The versatility of MIG welding makes it a preferred option for all welding positions on metals, including mild and stainless steel in a range of thicknesses. 

GET STAR WELD is a leading MIG welding machine manufacturer in China. Our MIG torch features a comfortable grip head design, sufficient heavy-duty cable and copper construction, premium quality end connector. There are many types of MIG torches available here - MB15 MIG torch, MB36 MIG torch, MIG machine torch, straight MIG welding torch, water cooled MIG torch, China gas welding torch,etc.

Besides, as one of the top contact tip manufacturers in China, we also offer a wide range of MIG torch spares, including the best MIG torch holder, wholesale welding tips, MIG welding torch extraction, torch neck/gooseneck, tip holder, contact tip, gas nozzle, etc. Find the best MIG torch price, gas nozzle price and contact tip price at GET STAR WELD!