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China MIG welding wire

MIG (metal inert gas) wire provides filler metal for GMAW (gas shielded metal arc welding) tasks. This solid wire, also known as welding wire or filler wire, requires an external shielding gas to prevent contaminants from entering the weld pool. The MIG wire comes on a coil or spool and is fed through a compatible welding torch. An arc is created between the wire and the workpiece, and the heat from the arc melts and fuses the material from the workpiece and the wire to form the weld.

As one of the leading MIG welding wire manufacturers in China, our collection of MIG wire contains a wide range of quality China MIG welding wire, such as flux cored gasless MIG wire, aluminum MIG wire, mild steel MIG wire, stainless steel MIG wire, China copper welding wire, etc. Our China welding wires are used in gas metal arc welding, where the wire is fed through a welding torch, and an electric arc is used to create heat for joining two pieces of metal together. The most common type of MIG wire is made from steel or aluminum.

China copper welding wire is a mild steel copper-coated welding wire suitable for 100% CO2 and Argon & CO2 mixed gas protective welding with stable feasibility. China welding wires offer good welding seams, fewer spatters, and excellent welding process properties. And the China MIG welding wire has a wide range of applications, including bridges, vehicle manufacturing, shipbuilding, hydraulic engineering, steel structure engineering, and more fields.

Flux cored gasless MIG wire - An all-position, single-pass, flux-cored welding wire for welding carbon steel, and there is no necessity to use the shielding gas. It provides smooth arc action, low spatters, full slag coverage, and easy slag removal for a good, non-porous weld effect. Get the best flux cored wire price of top-quality China flux cored wire from professional flux cored welding wire manufacturers!

Aluminum MIG wire - Popular all-position aluminum welding MIG wire provides stronger welds and easier feeding, which is ideal for automotive bumpers, brackets, and other aluminum structural frames. Recommended for use with a MIG torch for best results. 

Mild steel MIG wire - Great for welding unalloyed and low alloyed mild and medium strength steels with impact toughness down to -20 C. High-quality copper finish for improved feed, manganese, and silicon provides good mechanical properties.

Stainless steel MIG wire - The maximum carbon content of less than 0.03% preserves the intergranular corrosion resistance of the weld deposit and weld zone. They are typically used for light structures, mechanical parts fabrication, prefabricated structures, railroad car repair, short assembly welds, fuel tanks, and general fabrication.

We are one of the leading CO2 welding wire manufacturers and CO2 welding wire manufacturers in China, offering premium quality China copper welding wire at an affordable copper welding wire price! Find more details about China welding wires & China MIG welding wires here!