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Wholesale Welding Rod

Welding rods are manufactured from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, primarily used to carry electric current through the workpiece and to join two pieces. Depending on the process, the rod can be consumable, in the case of gas metal welding or shielded welding, or non-consumable. Read on to find more details about our wholesale welding rod and wholesale welding electrode.

We offer high-quality China welding rods and wholesale welding rods for virtually every TIG welding & brazing application. The stainless steel TIG rod contains silicon additives to improve the fluidity and wetting action of the weld pool to provide a weld that is less sensitive to cracking.

GET STAR WELD is one of the leading wholesale welding rod manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering aluminum TIG rods, mild steel TIG rods, stainless steel TIG rods, and so on at an affordable welding rod price. Our wholesale welding rod and wholesale welding electrode are high-performance TIG welding filler metals for every application. 

With the reasonable stainless steel welding rod price, our stainless steel TIG rod consists of less than 0.03% carbon for added corrosion resistance. Contact us today for the wholesale welding rod and wholesale welding electrode at a favorable quote!