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Wholesale Plasma Cutter

China plasma cutting machine from GET STAR WELD can help efficiently cut rough, painted, and rusted surfaces with minimal slag. With advanced pilot arc technology, the China air plasma cutter allows you to cut without touching the tip and the metal. As one of China's leading air plasma cutting machine manufacturers, we offer wholesale plasma cutter that delivers the better cut quality and long service life of welding consumables.

The newly upgraded China plasma cutter ensures more accurate cuts and a lower overall cost of use. The whole machine can be set up quickly within 1 min to save time for you to focus on the welding. The compact design of our wholesale plasma cutter is suitable for cutting stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, aluminum, etc. Safe and low cost for non-hazardous compressed air cutting at a reasonable air plasma cutting machine price.

Being one of the leading plasma machine manufacturers/plasma cutter manufacturers in China, we offer a variety of plasma cutting welders at a nice wholesale plasma cutter price! Just contact us today for a favorable quote!