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Originated from 1987, GET STAR WELD has its own design and manufacturing facilities in China,with accumulated experience,GET STAR WELD could design, manufacture and source welding and cutting related products. GET STAR WELD is dedicated to be your welding master, to provides you with short leading time, the capability to produce completed products, excellent transportation and warehousing. Those advantages enable us to adapts your needs easily, meanwhile to maintain the quality and consistence of GET STAR WELD products.

With high skilled production, GET STAR WELD could quickly produce torches/ accessories/equipment according to your demand. GET STAR WELD team has the flexibility, knowledge and technology to meet your various needs

Our designers and engineers adopts advanced 3D and modelling tools ,as well as on site testing to create a perfect products,though the design process. They owns the first-hand experience and deep understanding of welding application environment.

GET STAR WELD has rich experience from the concept to manufacturing products,and continue to enhance,modify,expand existing products based on customer feedbacks and development of the industry.

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