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WS-315 MOS 380v three phase

WS-315 MOS 380v three phase

Model and Specification: WS-315(7)

Power supply voltage(V): 3~380V

Frequency(Hz): 50/60

Rated output current(A): 13

Highest no load voltage(V): 70

Welding current range(A): 20-315

Rated output Voltage(V): 22.6

Rate duty cycle(%): 60

No-load loss(W): 60

Efficiency(%): 85

Weight(KG): 13

Overall dimension(mm): 480*210*380

WS-315 MOS 380v three phase
Model and Specifications WS-3157
Power supply voltageV 3~380V
FrequencyHz 50/60
Rated output currentA 13
Highest no load voltageV 70
Welding current rangeA 20-315
Rated output VoltageV 22.6
Rate duty cycle% 60
No-load lossW 60
Efficiency% 85
WeightKG 13
Overall dimensionmm 480*210*380





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