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MIG-250Y single IGBT 220v 380V three phase

MIG-250Y single IGBT 220v 380V three phase

Name: NBC-250Y(12)

Input power voltage: single phase220V/380V±10%/50Hz

Rated input power: 9.9KVA

Rated input current: 15A

Rated load duration: 60%

Output current adjustment range: 50~315A

Output voltage regulation range: 16.5~29.7V

Output no-load voltage: 50V

efficiency(%):  ≧85%

The model of Wire Feeder: Y(one-body)

Diameter of Wire: Ф1.0~Ф1.0mm

Weight(KG): 25Kg

Overall dimension(mm3): 490×265×450

MIG-250Y single IGBT 220v 380V three phase
Name NBC-250Y12
Input power voltage single phase220V/380V±10%/50Hz
Rated input power 9.9KVA
Rated input current 15A
Rated load duration 60%
Output current adjustment range 50315A
Output voltage regulation range 16.529.7V
Output no-load voltage 50V
efficiency% 85%
The model of Wire Feeder Y(one-body)
Diameter of Wire Ф1.0Ф1.0mm
WeightKG 26Kg
Overall dimensionmm3 490×265×450


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