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Get Star Weld WP-9 Hand-held Air Cooled TIG Welding Torch


Product Parameters


125 amp DC, 100 amp AC (60% duty cycle)
Electrode Range:0.5-2.4mm
Length: 3m,5m or as required





Senior Micro Switch,

Excellent consumable life.




Ergonomically Superior Handle Designs.

Handles are created with user comfort inmind,minimizes operator fatigue and withstands continuous, heavy-duty welding applications.




Superior end-connector.

Effectively extend service life, not reconciled to ordinary.





Hoses and Cable Supports.

Get star hose and cable are designed to ensure flexibility and durability even under extreme conditions.




Wide Selection of Accessories,

High-quality,precision machined collets,colletbodies, and nozzle complement each torch series.



Product Detail

We can supply any cable termination according to customer request.

Torch Complete
Torch could be customized from handle to end connection:Length(4m,8m or as required),Handle type(V-type,P-type,F-type,FV-type),End Connection(M6*1.5, Euro cable connector,etc)

No. Description Part Number
1 Ceramic Nozzle NEP-TIG-AP-20009
2 Collet NEP-TIG-AP-30035
3 Collet Body NEP-TIG-AP-40040
4 Torch Body NEP-TIG-AP-60001
5 Long Back Cap 41V24 NEP-TIG-AP-11002
6 Short Back Cap 41V33 NEP-TIG-AP-13005
7 Switch GSW-TIG-AP-15001
8 Top Connector(Φ8,Φ10) NEP-OTH-AP-17005/6
9 Cable Assembly  
10 M16*1.5 Bottom Connector NEP-OTH-AP-170023+17029
11 2 Pin Plug NEP-OTH-AP-29001
Ceramic Nozzle
Size Part Number
13N08  #4.    D6.5*30mm NEP-TIG-AP-20009
13N09  #5    D8.0*30mm NEP-TIG-AP-20010
13N10  #6    D9.5*30mm NEP-TIG-AP-20011
13N11  #7    D11.0*30mm NEP-TIG-AP-20052
13N12  #8.   D12.5*30mm NEP-TIG-AP-20012
13N13  #10    D16.0*30mm NEP-TIG-AP-20065
Size Part Number
13N20 0.5 L=25mm NEP-TIG-AP-30035
13N21 1.0 L=25mm NEP-TIG-AP-30036
13N22 1.6 L=25mm NEP-TIG-AP-30013
13N22M 2.0 L=25mm NEP-TIG-AP-30014
13N23 2.4 L=25mm NEP-TIG-AP-30015
13N24 3.2 L=25mm NEP-TIG-AP-30017
Collet Body
Size Part Number
13N25 0.5 L=24mm NEP-TIG-AP-40040
13N26 1.0 L=24mm NEP-TIG-AP-40041
13N27 1.6 L=24mm NEP-TIG-AP-40007
13N27 2.0 L=24mm NEP-TIG-AP-40008
13N28 2.4  L=24mm NEP-TIG-AP-40009
13N29 3.2 L=24mm NEP-TIG-AP-40010
Torch Body
Size Part Number
WP-9 NEP-TIG-AP-60001
WP-9F NEP-TIG-AP-60002
WP-9V NEP-TIG-AP-60003
WP-9P NEP-TIG-AP-60005


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