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Get Star Weld TIG WP-17/18/26 Welding Short Collet

WP-17/18/26 Welding Short Collet

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WP-17/18/26 Welding Short Collet

Welding Short Collet for WP-17/18/26 TIG Torch

WP-17/18/26 Welding Short Collet
Ref. Description Size Part No.
10N21S Collet 0.5mm  L=29mm NEP-TIG-AP-30025
10N22S Collet 1.0mm  NEP-TIG-AP-30026
10N23S Collet 1.6mm  NEP-TIG-AP-30027
10N23MS Collet 2.0mm  NEP-TIG-AP-30028
10N24S Collet 2.4mm  NEP-TIG-AP-30029
10N25S Collet 3.2mm NEP-TIG-AP-30030

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