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Get Star Weld PANA GSW-350 Welding Contact Tip

PANA 350 Contact Tip

Product Parameters

PANA 350

M6*45 Contact Tip for PANA350A Panasonic Torch

PANA200A Contact Tip E-cu(20pcs/Bag)
Description Part Number
M6*45*Φ0.8  Contact Tip  E-Cu GSW-MIG-AP-30038
M6*45*Φ0.9  Contact Tip  E-Cu GSW-MIG-AP-30039
M6*45*Φ1.0  Contact Tip  E-Cu GSW-MIG-AP-30040
M6*45*Φ1.2  Contact Tip  E-Cu GSW-MIG-AP-30023
Optional for CuCrZr Material

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