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Get Star Weld PANA GSW-350 Air Cooled MIG/MAG Welding Torch


Product Parameters

PANA 350A;

Compatible Torch and Parts for Panasonic
Rating:350A CO2/300A Mixed Gases
Duty Cycle:60%
Wire Size:0.9-1.2mm
Length: 3m,5m or as required






Comfort Grip Head Design,

Ergonomic contact points for thumb and fingers.Provides a more comfortable grip and reduce operator fatigue.




Sufficient Heavy-duty Cable and Copper Construction.

Ensure flexibility and durability even under extreme conditions.
Highly conductive copper components ensure superior current carrying capacity and effectively dissipate heat for longer trouble-free performance.




Premium Quality End Connector

To improve gas seal integrity in gas applications, the Euro end connector has been redesigned.





Superior Parts.  

Conductor,switch,gas nozzle,contact tip,swan neck are all superior quality.long life service. save repair costs.

Product Detail


The Product Style
Torch Complete Handle Part Number
GSW 350 3M PANA CONNECTION Yellow-Black Type GSW-MIG-AP-10047
GSW 350 4M PANA CONNECTION Yellow-Black Type GSW-MIG-AP-10048
GSW 350 5M PANA CONNECTION Yellow-Black Type GSW-MIG-AP-10049
GSW 350 3M EURO CONNECTION Yellow-Black Type GSW-MIG-AP-10128
GSW 350 4M EURO CONNECTION Yellow-Black Type GSW-MIG-AP-10129
GSW 350 5M EURO CONNECTION Yellow-Black Type GSW-MIG-AP-10130




No. Description Part Number
1 Gas Nozzle GSW-MIG-AP-20027
2 Contact Tip GSW-MIG-AP-30038
3 Gas Diffuser GSW-MIG-AP-70005
4 Insulator GSW-MIG-AP-50006
5 Contact Tip Holder GSW-MIG-AP-40027
6 Swan Neck NEP-MIG-AP-60008
7 Switch NEP-MIG-AP-12019+12020
8 Front Handle NEP-MIG-AP-12007
9 Front Cable Support NEP-MIG-AP-12027
10 Back Cable Support NEP-MIG-AP-12028
11 Euro Central Connector Plug NEP-MIG-AP-16004
12 Pana Central Connector Plug NEP-MIG-AP-16005
13 Back Handle NEP-MIG-AP-12023
14 Gas Inlet Tube+Nut   9/16-18UNF NEP-MIG-AP-16033
15 Control Lead +2 Pin Plug NEP-MIG-AP-16007
16 Liner GSW-MIG-AP-80029









Gas Nozzle(5pcs/Bag)
  Description Part Number
Φ15 Gas Nozzle GSW-MIG-AP-20027






Contact Tip E-cu(20pcs/Bag)
Description Part Number
M6*45*Φ0.8  Contact Tip  E-Cu GSW-MIG-AP-30038
M6*45*Φ0.9  Contact Tip  E-Cu GSW-MIG-AP-30039
M6*45*Φ1.0  Contact Tip  E-Cu GSW-MIG-AP-30040
M6*45*Φ1.2  Contact Tip  E-Cu GSW-MIG-AP-30023
Optional for CuCrZr Material






Gas Diffuser(20pcs/Bag)
Part Number GSW-MIG-AP-70005






Insulator (10pcs/Bag)
Part Number GSW-MIG-AP-50006




Contact Tip Holder(10pcs/Bag)
Description Part Number
Contact Tip Holder (Brass) GSW-MIG-AP-40023
Contact Tip Holder (Copper) GSW-MIG-AP-40027


Swan Neck(5pcs/Bag)
Part Number NEP-MIG-AP-60008






Description Part Number
Liner ,for Wire 1.0-1.2.,  3.2M GSW-MIG-AP-80029
Liner ,for Wire 1.0-1.2,  3.5M GSW-MIG-AP-80030
Liner ,for Wire 1.0-1.2,  5.2M GSW-MIG-AP-80031
Liner ,for Wire 1.0-1.2,  5.5M GSW-MIG-AP-80032
Liner ,for Wire 1.0-1.2,  3.2M 82B GSW-MIG-AP-80041
Liner ,for Wire 1.0-1.2,  3.5M 82B GSW-MIG-AP-80042
Liner ,for Wire 1.0-1.2, 5.2M 82B GSW-MIG-AP-80043
Liner ,for Wire 1.0-1.2,  5.5M 82B GSW-MIG-AP-80044












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