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Plasma Torch For Welding & Cutting

19 Sep, 2022

Unlike the first plasma torches were square-off, bulky hunks of plastic, nowadays, the plasma torch and plasma torch assembly take on a new look to expand the range of industrial applications.


What Is the Plasma Torch?

As you know, plasma is often described as the "fourth state of matter," after the solid, liquid, and gas states. However, "plasma" has a different meaning in medical and industrial settings, and we will discuss here only the industrial context related to plasma torches.


A plasma torch is used to cut or weld metals such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, etc. It is commonly used in metal fabrication shops, automotive repair/restoration shops, scrapyards, salvage industries, etc.


Types of Plasma Torch for Handheld Cutting

75-degree or 90-degree plasma torch: This all-purpose plasma torch is shaped roughly like the letter L, which can easily handle most common cutting jobs. While for some specific cutting or welding jobs and applications, other plasma torches with certain angles may be a better choice.

China plasma cutting machine

China plasma cutting machine

15-degree plasma torch: This is an excellent option for cutting in corners. As the name implies, this torch is designed almost straight with a very slight 15-degree angle to provide more visibility and better arc control. Meanwhile, keep your hands away from the high temperatures generated by the gouging process.


45 and 90-degree plasma torch: They are available in 2-foot and 4-foot lengths with two different angles for hand-held cutting. The extra length allows you to do work you don't want to get close to the workpiece or bend over, such as disassembling a boiler with lead paint, scrapping, or skeleton cut-up, etc. They also make cutting items high up easily without climbing ladders, such as on ceilings.



Plasma Torch for Cutting

The power source, aka the power supply, provides the various voltages and cutting gas required by the torch in a settable current in sequence and has manual controls to set the arc current.


Plasma is blown out of the nozzle at high velocity onto the workpiece, which begins to melt. The high-velocity airflow also blows the molten metal away, which creates a deeper groove and ultimately results in a cut.


Cutting metal is a popular use of plasma torches because the cutting is high speed and precise, which is ideal for cutting thin sheet metal from 0.6 inches thick to 6 inches thick steel. Click here to view more about the China plasma cutting machine!


Plasma Torch for Welding

As in the case of plasma torch cutting, the gas is converted into plasma inside the torch and streamed through a narrow copper nozzle, and this constriction increases the speed of the plasma jet to almost the speed of sound. The jet strikes the grounded workpiece at the desired welding spot, and the intense heat melts the workpieces to form a weld.


The shielding gas protects the weld seam from oxidation by the surrounding air, which is usually argon or argon plus 2 to 5% hydrogen, and the plasma gas is usually argon. The main advantage of plasma welding is the better control of the arc, resulting in welds with well-defined edges and smooth surfaces.


plasma torch assembly

plasma torch assembly


Maintenance Of Plasma Torch

Proper preventive maintenance is essential for plasma torch, such as cleaning the torch body and power supply, wiping the torch leads, checking coolant-related components and plasma gas purity, etc.


By doing so, the plasma torch will be able to use the power more efficiently to avoid unnecessary electricity costs. It will also not make uneven cuts or welds due to excessive wear on the parts. More importantly, it will help reduce the likelihood of the plasma torch failing.



As high-tech cutting equipment, the plasma torch features smaller power supplies, is more powerful and more reliable to withstand harsher conditions, and meets a wider range of requirements.


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