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China Electrode Holder: What You Need To Know

15 Aug, 2022

China Electrode Holder: What You Need To Know


According to some professional electrode holder manufacturers, although the electrode holder is a smaller piece of equipment for welding, it is the crucial connector that allows the current to travel from your machine through the wire to the electrode. The electrode holder grips the stick electrode firmly while transferring the necessary amperage to the rod during the welding process.


What is stick welding?

This is the first thing you need to figure out before getting clear on what an electrode holder is. Stick welding is also called manual metal arc welding (MMAW), shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), or flux shielded arc welding. Stick welding can join the most common alloys and metals and can even weld dirty or rusty metals. It uses consumable electrode sticks, which are ideal for short welding tasks.


Italian Electrode Holder 200A

Italian Electrode Holder 200A


What is the electrode holder?

The stick welding electrode, also known as a stinger, the holder is connected to a stick welder that supplies current to the electrode, allowing the welding operator to control the position of the electrode during the stick welding task. An electric arc is struck between the electrode and the workpiece, and the heat from the arc melts and fuses the workpiece material and the electrode material to form the weld.


The flux coating on the electrode shields the weld pool from airborne contaminants as the electrode melts. Stick welding does not require shielding gas and can be used in windy outdoor areas. Therefore, it has fewer parts and is more portable than MIG (metal inert gas) and TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding.


What are the benefits of the electrode holder?

As mentioned above, the electrode holder is an insulated handle that clamps onto the electrode. The welder holds this device to control the arc during the welding process. And the high-quality China electrode holder can deliver the following advantages:


  • * Electrode cables secured by two hexagonal screws
  • * Excellent current transfer between electrode and holder
  • * Two-hole positions at 45° and 90° for welding in different positions
  • * All electrode holders are fully insulated to provide maximum safety


Any recommendations for China electrode holders?

American electrode holder 500A

electrode holder price

American Electrode Holder 500A


This is one of the most classic American electrode holders offered by GET STAR WELD for the welding industry, and most often, it has long been the first choice of professional welders.


* Crocodile mouth clip design - strong bite force to fix the electrode.

* Industrial grade, heavy forged, anti-scald blade holders - more efficient and longer.

* Heavy-duty and environmentally friendly pure purple copper - wider, thicker and more heat resistant.


German Electrode Holder 300A

welding electrode holder manufacturers

German Electrode Holder 300A


This is another nice and reasonably priced popular China electrode holder option of 300 amp from GET STAR WELD. The short spring clip allows for a more comfortable grip, and a simple and compact design but can provide more hand space for operation. And the spring is sturdy and doesn't wear out easily.


There's nothing too fancy about this electrode holder, but it can still help you get the job done with ease. It's an excellent choice if you plan to take on heavier-duty projects, and the 300 amp will support most stick electrode sizes.



A lightweight electrode holder can help reduce fatigue during a long workday. GET STAR WELD is one of the leading welding electrode holder manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering a wide range of high-performance China electrode holders at an affordable electrode holder price.


The whole series of electrode holders include – the Italian electrode holder, Japanese electrode holder, American electrode holder, German electrode holder, and Netherlands/Holland electrode holder. All allow for quick changes and connections between leads, and welders worldwide have benefited significantly.


For more details about China electrode holders from GET STAR WELD, please feel free to send a message to info@getstarweld.com for better prices!

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