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Best Flex Head TIG Torch Ultimate Guide

08 Nov, 2022

TIG welding guns are hand tools, and each model is designed for a specific welding job, covering everyday jobs to hard-to-reach welding tasks. This article gives a comprehensive look at what you might want to know about the best flex head TIG torch.


TIG Welding

A tungsten electrode heats the welded metal, and the shielding gas, most commonly argon, protects the weld puddle from airborne contaminants because argon is great for TIG welding for all metals in various thicknesses and most TIG welding applications. Therefore, typically only one gas is needed in the workshop to handle all welding projects.

200 amp TIG torch

200 amp TIG torch

* Note:

  • Non-consumable tungsten is often used in TIG welding
  • Filler metal is added manually when needed
  • Protects the weld and tungsten with shielding gas
  • TIG welding can create clean, precise welds on any metal
  • TIG welding welds more metal than other processes
  • The best flex head TIG torch enables welding in all positions - flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead weld, perfect for roll frames and inside confined areas.


Benefits of The Best Flex Head TIG Torch


As mentioned above, compared to any other process, TIG welding can weld more metals and alloys, such as steel, stainless steel, chrome alloys, aluminum, nickel alloys, magnesium, copper, brass, bronze, and even gold, etc. The best flex head TIG torch is versatile and available for welding trucks, bicycle frames, lawnmowers, door handles, fenders, and so on, so it is widely used in construction and repair, automotive work, creative arts, and many other fields.


High-quality & Clean Welds

With excellent arc and weld puddle control, the best flex head TIG torch allows you to create clean welds when appearance is important. Because heat input is typically controlled by depressing the foot pedal, like driving, TIG welding allows you to heat up or cool down the weld puddle, providing you with precise control of the weld bead. That is why TIG welding is ideal for welding with high demands on appearance, such as sculpture and automotive welds.


TIG Torch Assembly

TIG Torch Assembly


No sparks or spatter: No spatter or sparks since with the best flex head TIG torch, add to the weld pool with only the necessary amount of filler metal, as long as the metal being welded is clean.


No fumes or smoke: The best flex head TIG torch will not generate fumes or smoke unless the base material being welded contains contaminants or elements such as oil, grease, paint, lead, or zinc. So, the base material should be cleaned prior to welding.


No flux or slag: Since argon gas protects the weld pool from contamination, no flux is required with the TIG torch, and there is no slag to prevent you from seeing the weld pool. In addition, the finished weld will have no slag to remove between the weld passes.



All in all, the best flex head TIG torch is compact, lightweight, and easy to handle for manual TIG welding. Looking for high-performance and reliable TIG torches is also very important.


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