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Get Star Weld A-141 Air Cooled Plasma Cutting Torch


Product Parameters


Air Pressure:4.5-5.5 Bar
Duty Cycle60% :140A
Length: 3m,5m or as required





Senior Micro Switch,

Excellent consumable life.




Unique Design,

Designed for superior operator comfort,Nylon handle,it‘s non-breakable even a 100kg man steps on it.





Effectively extend service life, not reconciled to ordinary.





Durable Torch Cable, 

prevents snagging on fixtures and materials.




Exquisite Nozzle and Tip,

genuine materials ,better perforation,fast cutting speed,long-life service.


Product Detail


The Product Style
We Can Supply Complete Torch With Handle,Cable Termination,Cable Length According to Customer Request.






No. Description Reference 
1 Gouge Bracket A141 CV0013
2 Four Point Bracket A141 CV0014
3 Two Point Bracket A141 CV0012
4 Spacer Spring  A141 CV0011
5 Outside Nozzle A141 PC0102
6 Four Point Bracket with Insulate Ring A141 CV0039
7 Insulate Bracket/Contact Cut A141 CV0023
8 Contact Cutting Nozzle long life A141 PC0131
9 Tip Φ1.1 A141 PD0101-11
  Tip Φ1.4 A141 PD0101-14
  Tip Φ1.7 A141 PD0101-17
  Tip Φ1.9 A141 PD0101-19
10 Air Diffuser A141 PE0101
11 Electrode A141 PR0101
12 Air Tube FH0563
13 Lock Nut A141 CV0044
14 Contact Cut Shield Cup  A141 CV0008
15 Long Contact Cut Shield Cup  A141 CV0009
16 Long  Tip Φ1.4 A141 PD0117-14
Long  Tip Φ1.7  A141 PD0117-17
Long  Tip Φ1.9  A141 PD0117-19
Long  Tip 50A  A141 PD0111
17 Air Diffuser A151 PE0103
18 Long Electrode A141 PR0116
19 Long Air Tube   
20 Neck Insulate Ring A141 PE4002
21  O-Ring Φ18.77x 1.78mm in Sillica  A141 EA0131
22 Plasma Torch Head (Hand)A141 PF0102
23 Plasma Torch Head Vertical( Machine)A141 PF0155
24  2 Pin Plug NEP-OTH-AP-29001
25 Adapter M16*1.5 NEP-OTH-AP-170023+17029
26 Central Adaptor 4 pins NEP-CUT-AP-13001
27 Cable Assembly (Length as Required)  




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