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Get Star Weld A-81 Air Cooled Plasma Cutting Torch


Product Parameters


Air Pressure:4.5-5.5 Bar
Duty Cycle60% :80A
Length: 3m,5m or as required





Senior Micro Switch,

Excellent consumable life.




Unique Design,

Designed for superior operator comfort,Nylon handle,it‘s non-breakable even a 100kg man steps on it.





Effectively extend service life, not reconciled to ordinary.





Durable Torch Cable, 

prevents snagging on fixtures and materials.




Exquisite Nozzle and Tip,

genuine materials ,better perforation,fast cutting speed,long-life service.


Product Detail


The Product Style
We Can Supply Complete Torch With Handle,Cable Termination,Cable Length According to Customer Request.






No. Description Reference 
1 Spacer for Contact Cutting A81  CV0201
2 Four Pointed Spacer A81  CV0033
3 Spacer Spring A81  CV0028
4 Outside Nozzle A81  PC0115
5 Tip Φ1.0  A81  PD0105-10
Tip Φ1.1  A81  PD0105-11
Tip Φ1.2  A81  PD0105-12
6 Long  Tip Φ1.0  A81  PD0106-10
Long  Tip Φ1.2  A81  PD0106-12
7 Air Diffuer  A81  PE0107
8 Electrode  A81  PR0109
9 Long Life Electrode  A81  PR0115
10 Air Tube A81  FH0560
11 Long Air Tube A81  FH0561
12  O-Ring Φ15.6x 1.78mm in Sillica  A81  EA0125
13 Plasma Torch Head (Hand)A81 PF0140
14 Plasma Torch Head Vertical( Machine)A81 PF0120
15  2 Pin Plug NEP-OTH-AP-29001
16 Adapter M16*1.5 NEP-OTH-AP-170023+17029
17 Central Adaptor 4 pins NEP-CUT-AP-13001
18 Cable Assembly (Length as Required)  




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